Follow along as we explore the untapped potential of human beings in business. As leaders and organizations, all working together to create a more conscious, equitable world.


EP 11: The Four Components of Organizational Intelligence

When you hear the term “intelligence” in business, these days it’s often associated with A.I. – artificial intelligence. The reality is that human beings are composed of many different intelligences. Is your organization supporting these intelligences?

EP 10:  Power Skills for Leaders in a New World of Work

EP 10: Power Skills for Leaders in a New World of Work

Over the past year we have seen a profound change in the “world” of work. How can leaders be effective in the midst of dynamic change? In this episode, we’ll review the three main skills – Power Skills- needed to build cohesive teams and lead with joy and confidence.

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EP 8:  Beyond Mindfulness

EP 8: Beyond Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice that has entered into our daily lexicon. It’s more than a trend. It’s more than self-care. How do mindfulness practices affect the ecosystem of an individual and an organization?

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Intune discussions featuring various industry trailblazers who are innovating new ways of being in business.


EP 3: The Role of White Leaders in Achieving Racial Equity with Karen Fleshman and Jared Karol

Today’s Intune Collective Salon discussion is the first in a series of discussions spotlighting critical perspectives for creating work cultures that meaningfully foster diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity.

EP 1: Forging a NEW PATH for CHRO’s with Dee Olomajeye

EP 1: Forging a NEW PATH for CHRO’s with Dee Olomajeye

In our first salon discussion, Dee shares how she tends the “Soul of The Company” by offering practical advice for HR leaders to elevate employee visibility, investment, and invitation to shape strategic direction, priorities, and the culture of the company.

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