Time to get future ready

You feel the dynamism that is all around you now — pressure to sell products that you’re in the midst of testing or even developing; intention to invest in your business culture with so many competing priorities and limited bandwidth; or concern that you have some of the wrong people in the seats on your bus as you prime your business to grow.

It’s impossible to ignore. Despite these and other challenges, it brings up two fundamental questions:

“Who are you under pressure?”

“How will you or your team face uncertainty?”

As much as navigating change feels like the main focus, how you, your team, and your organization show up requires a closer look at your toolbox for adapting and thriving as complexity, ambiguity, and innovation serve as the new normal. Let’s talk about getting “future ready.”


Future ready skills are those skills that are critical for being both competitive and relevant as the world becomes increasingly automated and digitized.

Some examples of future ready skills include:

  1. DIGITAL LITERACY: You use technology and digital tools effectively, including understanding of or working with programming, data analysis, and digital communication.
  2. CRITICAL THINKING: You analyze information and make reasoned choices, using data and creative problem solving.
  3. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: You understand and manage your emotions, as well as those of others, in order to work effectively as a diverse team and with stakeholders.
  4. ADAPTABILITY & RESILIENCE: You navigate change and uncertainty, and pivot quickly when needed.
  5. CREATIVITY & INNOVATION: You think creatively and generate new ideas, often in collaboration with others.
  6. COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION: You work effectively with others, across cultures and languages, so that you can achieve common goals. You know how to share your ideas across platforms and formats, including speaking, writing, designing, or other modalities.

Overall, future ready skills increase your ability to stay ahead of the curve by proactively adding new ways of being into how you show up for work that matters to you.

Don’t forget about future ready mindsets.

Underlying and supporting these future ready skills are mindsets that can help you hold perspectives that create more ease, flow, and possibility for the system. They help you stay sustainable as a dedicated and visionary human being.

  1. GROWTH MINDSET: You believe that people can change over time which helps you develop yourself and your team. You have a willingness to learn and keep trying to find solutions together with others.
  2. FLEXIBILITY AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: You are willing to change course when necessary and to try new things by taking calculated risks for the sake of growth and innovation.
  3. CONTINUOUS LEARNING: You prioritize learning and development and openly seek out new knowledge, skills, and feedback.
  4. AGILITY: You respond quickly and adapt to changing conditions so that you can seize new opportunities.
  5. RESILIENCE: It drives you to persevere in the face of challenges and bounce back stronger. You bounce back from setbacks and disappointment and persevere in the face of these challenges.
  6. CUSTOMER FOCUS: You understand the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of customers and integrate customer satisfaction into all interactions.

At Intune Collective, we specialize in helping organizations focus on developing human skills so that they can become more future ready. Our team loves working with funded startups to mid-sized sustainability-minded companies, and helping them develop a people-centric approach to digital transformation, fostering a culture of belonging, innovation and agility that puts employees first.

When your organization is ready to take the next step towards becoming more future ready, we invite you to learn more about Intune Ignite for Future Ready Teams. Contact us today to schedule a chat about your journey.