A New World of Potential and Experience

Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed the dismantling of our global systems and structures across almost every sector of life here on earth. From political, financial, industrial, religious, climate, cultural, and racial; coupled with the countless lessons gifted to us in 2020, we are now entering a historic new time in our history we are calling The Era of New Possibilities.

The Era of New Possibilities reflects the promise and opportunities of birth. It is a time for innovation and invention after outdated ways of being, living, creating, and treating one another have proven insufficient and unsustainable. It’s what emerges after honest evaluation, reflection, and the resulting broader vision and view that reveals new emerging possibilities that address what is needed to support humanity and life on the planet. 

“We can’t solve problems with the same level of thinking we used to create them.”  

– Albert Einstein


What Is The Era of New Possibilities?

The Era of New Possibilities is a new time for human evolution – a time to invest and activate higher levels of human consciousness to create new norms, systems, and solutions fitting to the challenges of our times. Not since the industrial revolution have we received such an opportunity to invent new ways of being, leading, creating, and operating as leaders and businesses. The question is when we look to solve or grow – where are we creating from? 

What level of our awareness is active during the invention of new solutions?

The Era of New Possibilities is a time where we bring forth and apply our innate knowing, higher realms of consciousness, and sensing abilities to bridge the divide that exists within ourselves, with others, and within our communities and world. In order to remedy these separations, we must access our solutions from a place of limitless possibilities, a reality without conditions or limits in order to emerge to access wants to emerge versus creating from. This approach is different from the typical tendency to apply what worked in the past or create from ego, or the analytical mind.

This new era is filled with vision and vastness, equanimity and expansion, balance and harmony where people, the planet, and all living things receive appreciation and reverence. An era where we care for each other, open our hearts, widen our understanding and accountability of the inter-dependence and connection of human beings, our world, and all living things.

The Era of New Possibilities is a new time in human history full of opportunities beyond what we can see – beyond where we live, how we create, experience, and communicate. A life lived with more consciousness, capacity, and connection.


How do we access our abilities to create in this New Era of Possibilities?

The Era of New Possibilities requires creation and innovation from an expanded state of human consciousness that we all have the ability to access.  It is the action of clarifying our vision and intention and ‘letting go’ of our ego and creating space for the wisdom to come forth and take shape. Our ability to stay in a being state vs. doing state is critical here as our awareness is our ability to stay in observation and not drop into doing mode. (see more about generating awareness below)

To generate solutions in this new realm of possibilities, we must be willing to tap into places we have not experienced or touched, create in a field we cannot see, cultivate solutions we don’t yet understand, and witness the unfolding of what wants to emerge. If we are clear on our intentions, we can trust this process. 

Solutions required to address today’s reality are not derived from the past but from this future unknown. Creating this way automatically incorporates the inter-dimensionality and inter-connection of relevant factors relevant beyond what our minds can consider.

We help leaders, organizations, and teams ignite internal capacities to innovate, operate, and grow businesses in service to humanity and creating positive change in our world.


Generating Awareness

Awareness is our 6th sense. Beyond our 5 senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, awareness is a very powerful sense. If you want an easy experience with your awareness, try this. 

Check-in with your body, notice any tightness, pain, or discomfort. Notice the nuances, origin, and pain level. Then, notice who’s the one noticing or observing the details about the discomfort. Notice that the observer is actually different from the body that’s experiencing the pain. The observer is your awareness.  Like any muscle, awareness is strengthened with repetition and practice. Practice awareness by observing your body state, your feelings, your environment. Use observation to notice what is not seen, being said, or explained in any situation or experience.

Now…if you have no limits, and anything is possible, what is it that you want to create?

“Human beings are largely undervalued and under potentialized, especially in the context of business creativity and generation. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what we’re capable of. And this is not about creating widgets or AI to make us more efficient. It’s about the power of the human spirit, our innate wisdom aligned with our intellect, that can create so much more opportunity, fulfillment, and unlimited, multi-beneficial outcomes.”

–  Christine Hildebrand, CEO, Intune Collective