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THE ART OF BEING INTUNE – What does being INTUNE mean?

Being Intune is the conscious practice of connection and alignment. It is our awareness to access the deeper wisdom that lives inside each of us so our choices and creations reflect our truth and our values.  When we bring the power of this presence or our ‘intunement’ to the table, we have a better vantage point on the opportunities and interdependence at play – thus paving the way to generate greater impact and possibilities as humans, leaders and organizations. 

We are bringing in more consciousness (connection to truth) to make better choices.

For eons, humans have explored big questions that include “Why am I here?” or “What is the meaning of life?” More recently, the question is being phrased as “What is my purpose,” or, as Simon Sinek compels, “Start With Why.” Most often, we look outside ourselves to our external environments to find clues and answers to these questions. What we have forgotten in our busy, productive, logical, and analytical lives is that there is a lot of information carried within each of us that is powerful if we only knew how to tap in and trust it as a source of guidance.

The question is…how do we tune into our inner guidance? What does it mean to be guided internally?  In a world where we emphasize rational thought, analytics, and logic as markers of good leadership and decision making, we leave out a significant opportunity to leverage innate wisdom, the key to open a new frontier of potential, both individually and systemically. 

The future of smart business must include elevating human beings to new levels of awareness and intelligence –  a new layer of wisdom that opens possibilities beyond what we can imagine or have context in. This new innate intelligence is essential in order to keep pace and bring forth needed solutions in this time.  At our company, we call this “intunement.”  We ignite the potential at the individual and team level in order for the entire organizational system to be activated. From a place of being intune, organizations and their leaders can realize new growth and performance, manage change, and meet the challenges  we are facing…and will continue to face into the future.


Steps to Staying Intune – 

  • Step 1: Activating Awareness
  • Step 2: Putting Awareness into Action
  • Step 3: Staying Connected
  • Step 4: Creating Openings
  • Step 5: Following JOY


Stay tuned for more details on each step. We will be sharing insights and suggestions in the coming week for every step of INTUNEMENT.