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Day to day, week to week, there are challenges.

People don’t always get along, things that need to be said aren’t always shared when helpful, and conflict stays unresolved. When these dynamics stay unresolved for too long, we may lose faith in ourselves. We can forget that we have or can develop skills to better connect with our colleagues at work. The goal is to go beyond conflict into smooth sailing. 

When good things happen, we call this flow. When we leverage the good things, we call this surfing

So, how do you surf on joy?

You intentionally create it! Here are some ideas for low-hanging fruit on this tree of joy:


  • Celebrate wins together as a team. Take time each week for a round of check-ins that include a pat on the back for something you’re proud of having accomplished, either as an individual contributor or as a unit. 
  • Appreciate each other openly. When people are praised publicly for things they’ve done and when this praise is unexpected, you cement in their human need to be seen. These appreciations become the fuel for engagement, longevity, loyalty, and contribution. Start looking for things to appreciate and bring it into your team meetings.
  • Stress-test your mission and vision. Having a mission and vision statement doesn’t matter if it doesn’t become a lived experience by employees. Relate it to direct experiences and keep it alive by referring to it often. Talk about how you see your mission and vision in action among team members! And in return, listen to what they have to share in return.
  • Design for well-being. According to the National Institute of Health, “wellbeing can be understood as how people feel and how they function both on a personal and social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole.” 
  • Assess. Wellbeing @ Work, designed by Careots and powered by Gallup, is an assessment that helps organizations gauge employee well-being in six areas (If you’d like to learn more about this assessment, schedule a time to discuss. Email us at ignite@intunecollective.com.)
  1. Emotional
  2. Career
  3. Community
  4. Financial
  5. Physical
  6. Social  
  • Share stories of joy. Our Intune team once spent 90 minutes sharing personal stories from our lives where we could still viscerally remember joy. Lisa shared about her best friend, Sofia shared about the birth of her children, and Wendy shared about cooking with her grandmother when she was a child. This time spent, extravagant to many, has carried us many months beyond the time investment to give a huge ROI. As a result of that day, as we face challenges, we are able to experience connection, empathy, compassion, and understanding.

Planning For Success

Intune can work with your current leadership style to help you explore surfing on joy.

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