Step 5: Getting Intune: Follow JOY

Life can be serious, especially as we approach work. When we feel stress, weight of responsibility, dealing with dynamic situations, or managing the pace of life, we can lose sight of making room for joy, play or laughter. These states are essential to bringing levity and lightness to our experience and are a requirement for us to access the deeper intelligence and wisdom that is needed as we face today’s challenging times.

As Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.”  We believe this means following what brings us joy, what makes us happy and sometimes we must take responsibility for originating this joy. This may seem self-indulgent, however when we do, we are simply better at life, and everything around us benefits.

Check out our Joy at Work Article here. We share how our leadership team did an entire session on JOY and tips for how to bring this practice to your team.

Here are some ways to ignite JOY:

    • BE IN SERVICE- Giving to others or showing up for someone else generates an inner fulfillment that translates to joy. Plus, you get to see your own impact on others, from the simple tasks of holding a door open, yielding on the freeway, helping an elderly neighbor, or supporting a family member. Being in service brings joy.
    • BE GRATEFUL – No matter how tough life gets, there is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude is the energy of creation. When we are grateful, it elevates the atmosphere around ourselves and others.
    • CONTRIBUTE – Being a part of something bigger than ourselves, whether serving on a non-profit board, volunteering to lead a fundraising event, or being a soccer coach to kids, contributing our gifts, talents, time, and energy comes back 10 fold in JOY. Where can you contribute?
    • FOCUS on JOY – What we focus on expands. Make time in your schedule for laughter, play, fun, self-care, nature excursions, reading to kids, or any other joy giving experience. First identify what brings you joy, then prioritize more of it in your life.
    • POSITIVITY – Sharing positivity with others brings joy to yourself and others. One way to do this is use compliments and recognition. Notice something you are grateful for and say it! Sharing positivity spreads joy. Including a sharing smile.
    • PRIORITIZE PLAY –  As kids we schedule play-dates. Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we don’t have to plan for play. This could be workouts, walks on the beach, kite flying with our kids, anything that gets you lost in play. What activities in life and at work make you the happiest? Simply schedule more of your time doing these activities?

Application @ Work and Life:

  • If I’m enjoying myself, or in joy, how does this affect my productivity, performance, and impact? How can I bring more joy in my approach with my team, in meetings, in presentations?
  • What relationships and responsibilities are energy givers vs. energy drains. Try to schedule in more givers and adjust or remove the drains.
  • What is required in order to give myself permission to live from more joy? What needs to change in order to make this possible?

What practices can you prioritize that will deliver more JOY? If you need more inspiration or want to share insights or discoveries, we would love to hear from you!

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