Step 2: Getting Intune: Putting Awareness into Action

Awareness without action is fruitless. Action without awareness is usually a reaction vs. a well-thought out next step.  In Step #1, we learned how to connect to our awareness that appears when we get still and make space for deeper insights to emerge.

By listening to our awareness we can open new opportunities and access guidance that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Have you ever noticed you got information (that quiet voice inside) about a situation or decision you didn’t follow?  Then, realized later you knew better all along? This is the process of listening to your own voice, your own inner wisdom and then taking action on what you get!

Here are some ways to take Action from your Awareness:

  • Repeat the process in Step 1, Practice quieting the mind even deeper, more information is revealed the more stillness you can achieve. Once you get still, ask questions about whatever you need information on. Allow the information to come to you vs. you trying to find it. Allowing is key.
  • After your inquiry and you have a piece of guidance, it’s time to test your guidance. Imagine holding this information in your hands, place your hands with your information somewhere on your body, your heart or gut. If this gives you a peaceful, settled feeling, go with it. If it makes you uneasy, it’s probably not the best direction. You should be going for a physical and energetic feeling of lightness and expansion.
  • Try taking action on awareness where the stakes are low. For instance, ‘Where shall we park?’ ‘What is the optimal time to go to the store when I can breeze through the checkout line?’ ‘Where is the best place to go on vacation that will support our entire family?’ Then you can proceed with the larger questions. “What actions shall we take that will support our company/team during this time?’ “How best can we serve our customers?’ ‘What strategic action can we take given this situation?’
  • Answers will be there if we stop, connect, ask, and listen. Particularly if you employ multiple people concentrating on bringing forth options. New ideas and conversations will emerge. Start small and then gradually take on bigger decisions once you gain confidence from acting on your awareness. 


Application @ Work:

  • What is your relationship to this sense of awareness? How might you (and your team) begin to take action from this place? Maybe practice a moment of silence during a difficult decision or situation at work, allow calm, then practice inquiry. What would it take to make this situation better? How can we proceed from here?
  • Practice starting weekly or strategy planning meetings from a quiet, reflective state first, then begin moving forward with your agenda?
  • What stories or narratives would you have to let go of (individually or as a group) to make room for this practice?


What practices do you implement that keep you connected to your awareness? If you need more inspiration or want to share insights or discoveries, we would love to hear from you!