Steps to getting INTUNE 

Step 1: To Getting Intune: Activating Awareness

The invitation to live and work from a place of being intune incorporates 5 Essential Intunement Steps. These steps are true and can be applied to individuals, leaders, teams and organizations. Done together in sequence, this can activate organizational chi—conscious intunement—the vitality within your organization that drives growth and success.

Activating awareness is simply noticing information beyond our peripheral senses and incorporating what is happening around us – or ‘seeing’ life or yourself from 30,000 feet.

From this vantage point we are able to view challenges and opportunities with a wider lens. This perspective allows us to access a broader range of information necessary to make more informed choices. It’s the practice of broadening our field of possibilities as we move through life, relationships, responsibilities, and the world at large.

The Practice of Activating Awareness:

  • Sit, close your eyes, and just breathe! Sense your body settle, and let go of any tightness or attachment, just for a moment. Breathe again.
  • Now, with your eyes closed, sense your inner vision, or ‘seeing’ with your awareness. Notice your other senses heighten, like sound, taste, smell. What do you notice? Eyes open vs. closed.  
  • Ask the question: What would it take to remedy, expand, or build upon this situation? What do I need to learn? What is this here to teach me? What is REALLY going on behind the scenes?
  • When we ASK questions, we are making ourselves available to guidance beyond our analytical minds. We can then access information beyond our attachments, reactions, or judgements. Information that can generally elevate a situation, create more win-wins, and greater outcomes.
  • Once you have clear guidance, you can test your information as a felt sense in your body. What feels light and expansive is a more aligned choice, what feels contracted may need further inquiry and info.


Application @ Work:

  • What is your relationship to this sense of awareness? How might you (and your team) begin to take action from this place? How can you start meetings from a quiet, reflective state first, then begin moving forward? 
  • How can you use this practice to gain collective intelligence that might not otherwise be available?
  • What stories or narratives would you (or your team/culture) have to let go of in order to make room for this process?


The Art of Intunement. Here’s a guided meditation to connect you to your Dignity, Awareness, and Alignment. This begins the Meaning of Intune.

What practices do you implement that keep you connected to your awareness? If you need more inspiration or want to share insights or discoveries, we would love to hear from you!