Diversity 101. For companies starting their learning journey about the benefits and positive impact of creating an inclusive workplace culture. Learn more about why diversity matters and assess your organization’s readiness to evolve and grow. Early Stage Companies; recommended for HR Leaders and C-Suite executives

DEIB Reimagined: Dignity, Belonging, & Safety

All humans have a fundamental need to feel seen, heard, and valued. This is dignity. They also have a need to belong and do so when they experience psychological and emotional safety. When we discover this commonality among all of us, we begin to build the foundation of shared connection and trust required for becoming a truly inclusive workplace culture. Early and Growth Stage Companies; recommended for all employees

Inclusion & Belonging

What is the role of the company to foster inclusion and belonging in the workplace? What is the role of the individual to develop personally so that they can belong professionally where they are? This interactive workshop for HR leaders and C-Suite teams explores the intersection of the two: organizational and personal responsibility, development, and accountability. Early, Growth, and Regenerative Stage Companies; recommended for HR Leaders and C-Suite executives

Conscious Allyship

Workshop participants learn about Intent vs. Impact, Allyship, and the difference between Performative and Conscious Allyship. Individuals make a plan for personal growth and a commitment to becoming a conscious ally. Growth and Regenerative Companies; suitable for all employees

Unconscious Bias

We cannot change what we do not know. Unconscious bias impacts what we say, do, and behave, even if our intentions are good. Uncovering our biases help create space for more equitable ways to relate to one another. Holding deeper awareness and understanding paired with our intentions and goals will positively impact culture in your workplace. Growth and Regenerative Companies; suitable for all employees

Understanding Privilege

In the United States, there is the assumption that we are all on the same playing field and that opportunities are available to each person with equal measure. “Hard work and dedication is the recipe for success.” Yet we know this is not true. Privilege divides those with easier access, fuller representation, and richer opportunities with those who have less access to these benefits. Participants leave with a deeper understanding of how they hold privilege that is not their fault, and how systemic change comes through choosing to use privilege as a tool for conscious allyship. Growth and Regenerative Companies; suitable for all employees

Gender Equity

Equity does not mean that everyone is treated the same. Rather, it means that everyone is treated equally in terms of rights, benefits, and opportunities. Gender equity affects everyone in the workplace, at home, as it is a systemic issue. Participants will understand the positive impact of addressing inequalities in the workplace so that you can align towards gender equity within your company. Growth and Regenerative Companies; suitable for all employees

Gender Spectrum

What does cis-gendered mean? What does non-binary mean? How does this relate to work? Gaining comfort through understanding how biology, gender expression, and identity work together to form a person’s sense of self can create more space for diversity, compassion, and belonging at work. Growth and Regenerative Companies; suitable for all employees

Identity Safety & Performance

Based on University of California researcher and professor Dr. Claude Steele’s work on identity safety, we will explore how code-switching, psychological and emotional safety, and bias affect how a person performs. Learn how to be a conscious ally by minimizing stereotype threat which increases engagement, belonging, and achievement. Growth and Regenerative Companies; suitable for all employees

Non-Violent Communication

Long taught in schools and used for social change, non-violent communication is practice based on four principles: observing, feeling, acknowledging needs our own and others’ and making requests. Power up your team interactions, reduce team and interpersonal conflict, and learn how to navigate disagreements between people. Growth and Regenerative Companies; suitable for all employees

Anti-Racism Training

Companies want to know what the guardrails are for their DEIB efforts. When and how do you take a public stand for Black Lives Matter? How do you address racial activism among your employees? Move from fear to frozen to fully-engaged in this workshop series, building on foundational conceptual understanding of terms, frameworks, and practices that bring diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging alive within your organization. Regenerative Companies; customized to your Strategic DEIB Plan.

We believe that DEIB is the foundation of innovation that helps build a successful, sustainable business.