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keller williams – kwsf

Globally, the Largest Real Estate Company with over 1 Billion in Sales EVERY Day.
Our work helped build the #1 Team in San Francisco.


Michael Minson, Operating Principal at the Keller-Williams, engaged Intune to help build a business/brand platform and build a 3-5 year strategic growth plan. Through facilitated leadership team sessions, we developed a business strategy and brand communication outlining key service elements, distinctions, and company mission, vision, and values.

From this strategy work, the Intune design team created unique identity for Keller Williams as an office and distinction for the Level Up Team starting with the logo, and extended to all agent-client touchpoints.

This work has been credited with the group’s rapid rise in 18 months to be the #1 Real Estate Team in San Francisco.


  • At the time of engagement, Level Up Group needed to create distinction and a platform for service excellence if they were to stand out in the competitive market of real estate.
  • Tied to a global brand, KWSF had no regtional identity or customization.
  • Without a clear strategic plan, vision, or direction, a roadmap for revenue generation was unclear.



Intune delivered the strategic drivers and brand framework that united the energy of the leaders, teams, and culture to deliver excellence, rally together to live their values, and deliver on revenue, individual, and company success.  The team had a plan and collective focus and continue to lead the SF Bay Area Market in units sold year after year.

Business Strategy & Brand Positioning 

Standing out in the real estate market as a unique team or agent is not an easy proposition. What makes a team or agent unique is their ‘why’ or reason for being in the business. Our approach surfaced a shared ‘why’ in order to identify offerings, services and distinctions they collectively wanted to represent. A brand platform and message map were final assets that continue to encompass company and team growth.

Impactful Visual Design and Marketing

Once brand distinction, strategy, and value propositions were identified, this was reflected in the company identity, as depicted in the ascension or level up experience of the logo. The upward angles of the logo are design elements that were applied to all materials creating a family of assets that built a unique presentation and supported one another as additional materials were developed. Design included logo, buyer/seller presentations, marketing materials, press kit folders, digital assets, marketing campaigns, events and more. 

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