Case Study

gohealth urgent care

Born in Silicon Valley, launched in New York. A company who’s mission is to revolutionize how consumers access and experience healthcare.

Today, the foundation Intune built is alive and well in their 150+ locations and growing.


  • Physician-led company required consumer and retail based marketing and operational team to create a distinct foundation to launch a new urgent care company.
  • Required brand and communications structure to inform consumer and internal clinical operations practices.
  • Company required name, brand strategy, marketing strategy and team, regional based patient acquisition strategies and campaigns


  • Urgent Care space already had early adopters with stronghold on the market, particularly in NY. A compelling and distinct reinvention of healthcare, create an Urgent Care. 2.0 to generate market buzz and disrupt competition.
  • Newly acquired 5-store chain in pacific north with wanning volumes required overhaul in clinical, marketing and branding approach.
  • TPG backed, GoHealth Urgent Care was an eminent leader in building JV partnerships with existing health systems to quickly ramp urgent care service lines with an unpresenteded pace to market.
  • Coordination with legacy healthcare systems with centuries of knowledge and experience in consumer care delivery


  • Company Foundation: Brand Name, Strategy and Anchors
    Our mission was to create Urgent Care 2.0, a truly revolutionary consumer brand and experience that took the healthcare industry by storm, put competition on its heels, and engaged consumers both online and offline.
    We named the company and established brand anchors that transcended marketing into clinical and operational expression: Seamless Integration, Effortless Experience, and Culture of Care. These became and continues to be guiding expression for the company from care delivery to IT and AI innovation.
  • Award-Winning Service and Clinical Experience
    Research and focus groups were a critical to form GoHealth’s brand elements, clinical distinction and in-clinic patient experience. We leveraged design data to create an optimal healing clinic environment which resulted in happy patients and design awards from leading healthcare industry publications.
  • Exceeded Patient Acquisition and Revenue Projections
    Intune developed and designed marketing strategy, built co-brands with the leading national healthcare systems, and executed geo-specific marketing campaigns to drive patient volumes. Campaigns spanned digital/print channels including community outreach, PR, digital marketing, outdoor, partnerships, and events. The campaigns built swift  awareness and revenue exceeding volume projections by 25% and reduced new site ROIs projections by 3 months.