Case Study


A rapidly scaling managed IT, edTech company based in Brooklyn, NY, CTS provides technology solutions and consulting to education institutions making education accessible and seamless for students, teachers, and administrators.

CTS was in need of operational, organizational, and leadership development to manage rapid growth. A classic case of ‘what got you here, won’t get you there,’ the CEO, reached out to us to lead their annual leadership team offsite. From this engagement, a full scope of strategic, organizational development, and executive coaching work was identified to address immediate and long-range development needs.


  • Team was not clear on company vision, north star, priorities or focus.
  • Leadership team was experiencing overwhelm and frustration and needed to get clear about a structure to manage growth and track priorities.
  • The CEO was unsure how to elevate his role beyond involvement in daily aspects of the business, needed support to empower his leaders to own their functional areas.
  • Organization and Team had no formal strategic development or OKR process.
  • Leadership Team had various levels of leadership and managerial capabilities and experience to lead their teams and work together as a cohesive management team
  • There was no clear orientation toward organizational or operational governance and process to work together to achieve growth.


  • Conducted and designed experience for 2-Day Leadership Team Offsite
  • Conducted Curiosity Conversations, Employee Survey, and 1:1 team interviews and 360 assessments to understand culture and opportunities and challenges at play
  • Attended Weekly LT meetings to integrate learning into business application and problem solving
  • Conducted formal OKR process with leadership team, educated team on creation and process for next level managers to contribute, led monthly tracking meetings
  • Coached CEO and leadership team on solutions that address department specific challenges in cross-functional collaboration
  • Created personal 1:1 Executive Coaching development plans for 1 year coaching program. Created corresponding team coaching program to build strength, communication and collaboration of team
  • Designed organizational structure, corporate governance, company behavioral and operational standards to execute work and drive innovation


  • Developed a 3-5 strategic plan by first leading the leadership team through a strategic planning OKR process, building consensus around the company north star, 3 key company objectives. Identified objectives by functional area. Set process for department level input to secure engagement, added OKRs to company dashboard for progress tracking, and trained team to conduct and lead monthly OKR update meetings.
  • Designed an organizational structure, org charts, corporate governance, job architecture to help frame roles and responsibilities, job hierarchies, decision making, and accountability. Set foundation for clear operational execution and career pathways.
  • Designed 1:1 Executive Coaching Program for 5 key leaders along with a Team Coaching Program aimed to build both individual and collective leadership capacity and strength.
  • Established company’s first HR department, recruited Head of People, established key priorities and onboarding for new leader
  • Launched WIN SUMMER internal culture campaign to bring company values to life
  • Developed Leadership Development Program for baseline knowledge, practices, and behaviors for new and existing leaders and managers.