Case Study

carbon health

Carbon Health, a healthcare technology and urgent care company leading consumer access to healthcare through their mobile interface. First to create the nation’s first mobile Covid-19 testing sites.


  • Carbon Health is revolutionizing how patients access care via their devices with a fully supported AI system that can diagnose and deliver treatment and support for the  most common healthcare issues.
  • With newly acquired Direct Urgent Care, a previous clients of Intune’s, Carbon needed a new consumer facing brand experience and messaging to communicate their mobile advantages, store front benefits, and their new telemedicine solutions.


  • Working with company founder and leadership team,  we led leadership strategic branding offsite sessions to establish strategy, communication, and positioning to drive clinic design, visual identity, and patient aquisition programs.


  • Strategic Positioning

    Facilitated the leadership team through a series of meetings to develop a strategic brand and communication plan.

  • Brand and Communications Strategy

    Developed brand platform, message map, mission, vision, values and key strategic distinctions represented by communications and activities to build awareness and patient volume.

  • Leadership Team Consensus and Focus

    Intune lead leadership team meetings driving consensus and focus on company mission, vision, and key value proposition. In addition, we identified target audience groups, key stakeholders and created clarified communication and initiatives to engage each audience group. 


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