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In the quest for a workplace that’s not just good, but great, leaders like you have a secret weapon up their sleeves: Organizational Chi. It might sound mystical, but it’s rooted in Eastern wisdom and martial arts, and represents the vibrant energy that surges through a system – whether it’s riding high on positivity and forward momentum, or getting a team that is tangled up in negativity. By intentionally focusing on and boosting positive relationships, processes, and practices, you can dial up this energy flow and more easily achieve becoming a thriving and successful work team and workplace.

Let’s dive into the essence of Organizational Chi and discover its capacity to elevate not only your company’s performance, but also the well-being of every individual who contributes to its greatness.

Just What is Organizational Chi? Think of Organizational Chi as the conditions where teams and even the whole company develops flow together. Your mission, vision, and values are well aligned and people know they matter in the progress towards these goals. There is a sense of balance and well-being and the company’s essence is felt by your employees, clients, and others, even if it’s hard to articulate clearly at times. It’s the driving force that fuels passion and nudges your organization towards its most audacious dreams, while creating an environment where people belong and work together in authentic harmony.

A Tool for Creating Balance. Just like a tightrope walker wants to stay steady, maintaining a balanced Organizational Chi is crucial for your company’s sustainability. When you create the conditions for wellbeing, trust, belonging, and psychological and emotional safety, you have the best opportunity to move in sync, engage employees, and really communicate that they matter. Investing in your people’s health and wellness helps create the flow and creativity that you need to stay in the game over time.

Transform Your Culture. Imagine this – a workplace where magic happens on the daily. That’s what Organizational Chi helps achieve. How? By supporting a culture that’s rich in open dialogue, collaboration, and ingenious ideas. A high-performing team, like skilled alchemists, understands the delicate balance of elements needed to catalyze greatness.

A League of Super Leaders. Leaders aren’t just the face of the company; they’re the energy super stars too. When they lead by empowering others and connecting authentically and empathetically, it’s like adding rocket fuel to your Organizational Chi. When executive leaders uplift and encourage, that energy spreads rapidly, igniting extraordinary accomplishments throughout the organization. When these leaders see others as leaders, you give permission for more innovation, creativity, collaboration, and purpose-driven engagement from your people. Recognize the power of great leadership to unlock all this potential.

Magnetize. Optimizing Organizational Chi creates the conditions for happier employees, lower turnover, and a major uptick in productivity and momentum. Plus, having a workplace that glows with positivity makes you a magnet for top-tier talent, giving your competitors a run for their money.


Dial Up Your Core Values: Make your company’s values the North Star. And hey, don’t let them gather dust on a shelf – weave them into everything you do.

Talk, Talk, Talk: Open the communication floodgates. Honest chats and even those conversations you know you should have but are wary of having are like rocket boosters for your Organizational Chi.

Grow Your Team: Invest in your team’s growth like you would in your prized garden. Watch them bloom and flourish.

High Fives All Around: Don’t forget to high-five your victories, no matter how small. It’s being seen and appreciated that fuels purpose.

Organizational Chi is an organizing principle to think about transforming your company. With the right nurturing and strategy, you’ll witness your workplace turn into a hub of unity and innovation. Take the leap into consciously developing your company’s Organizational Chi and see results as the energy and ethos of showing up for work — even remote work — changes and helps people flourish.

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