Steps to Getting Intune

Step 4: Getting Intune: Creating Openings

Once in connection, you are now able to experience more presence, and the ability to take action on your awareness. There is greater certainty about a path forward when you deploy these tools.  When we act from our awareness, our decisions reflect our truth vs. being motivated by programming or external influences.

Now that you are able to connect, you can use the following practices to create openings for new opportunities.

Here are a couple of ways to create openings:

  • Expand your Vision

When you feel still in your mind, you can begin to hear your inner voice and expand your vision. Your inner voice is your intuition, or gut instinct. To access this voice and your vision center you must be in a quiet state or in a rhythm of breathing and stillness. To access your vision center, focus your attention on your mind’s eye, the space that exists in front of your eyes as your inner picture of your vision. Allow your breath to relax this space as you open your vision. You can ignite your vision by asking “What do I need to know?” “What is possible to create the highest possible outcome in alignment for those involved?” Listen and watch what you get.

  • Use Intention Statements

Intention is not something you do, it’s a way of Being. Intention is a statement that holds your personal or a collective team vision, a unifying force, mantra or North Star to direct energy and focus to a desired direction. Imagination and visioning are powerful companions to intention setting.  When used together in ethics and integrity, creating common good for all involved, intention setting and statements serve as a powerful formula for creating.

Tips for writing Intention Statements:

Instead of focusing on what you want (results), instead of asking, what do you need to do (action), ask yourself, who do you need to BE (intention) in order to have it. 

  1. Affirm what you want to create
  2. Write “as if” it is happening NOW
  3. Make it aspirational, something to stretch for
  4. State what you want your outcome to be, imagine grand possibilities
  5. Focus on the “feeling”
  6. Avoid using the words “don’t”, “can’t”, “not”
  7. Check for the words “try” and “but”


Application @ Work:

  • Before your next team meeting, state clarify your intention before you begin. Go around the table or zoom room and ask each person what their intention is for the meeting. See if there is consensus. By stating intention, you have a stronger chance to realize it.
  • Use the visioning exercise to imagine new solutions for work challenges or problems. 

What practices do you utilize to create, organize and lead people? Have you tried visioning and intention statements to create new possibilities? If you need more inspiration or want to share insights or discoveries, we would love to hear from you!