The Future Organization: The Framework to Accelerate Growth


The Business of Being Human podcast discusses the future organization. What new structures are required and how to evolve existing frameworks and leadership styles for continued growth.

In this episode Christine sits down with Sofia Chancey, Head of Strategy at Intune Collective, to discuss how organizational structures are evolving and what is required from leaders to generate growth and optimize talent. They share the kinds of changes they are seeing with clients, what trends they are noticing across industries, including why people are leaving their jobs. Noting the shift to remote work, distributed teams, and the great resignation, they consider what types of structures will support both people and business growth in the future. And what leaders need to be looking out for when it comes to re-inventing their own leadership styles that will serve their organizations and teams.

This conversation will help you gain insights into reimagining your organization structure for future growth.

To learn more about Intune Collective and the services they offer, go to intunecollective.com. You can follow Intune Collective at @intunecollectivesf on Instagram, @intunecollective on Facebook and @intunesf on Twitter.


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