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Today’s The Business of Being Human discussion is all about addressing common roadblocks that growth companies are facing.

In this episode, we discuss the most common growth limiting themes facing CEO and Leadership Teams as they navigate multinational and national growth. 

These 5 Growth limiting themes are impacting company growth regardless of industry:

  1. Investor Expectations vs. Company Capacity: CEOs feel pressure from board/investor expectations and balancing this with leader performance and organization capacity
  2. C-Team Balancing Human vs. Business Needs of Operation: CEO Founders are overwhelmed with balancing the human side vs. the business side of the operation, in some cases they must evolve into executive leaders or transition the role
  3. Leaders working from outdated enterprise models and identities: The Leadership Team works from outdated identities gained from historical enterprise approach vs. progressive and innovative approach, mindset and behaviors
  4. Talent Market is the New Market to Compete In: The Great Evaluation and Talent Market putting increased pressure on attending to human and cultural needs of the organization
  5. Shift into Fully Operating Company Mindset: Companies and Leadership Teams challenged by scaling from ‘start-up’ mentality into fully functioning mid-size companies.

Listen to how they address the underlying drivers that cultivate these issues and fears. They also offer Intune’s solutions to support growth companies to move beyond the roadblocks for the betterment of their entire organization. 

Intune’s Work with clients centers around building strength and skill in 3 primary areas. By addressing these areas, growth is amplified.


Leadership Team Cohesion

  • Values in Action, Leadership Modeling and Impact
  • Trust-Based Relationships
  • Organization Design for the current company stage (founding/building, scaling, sustaining)
  • Governance


  • Board to Company Vision Alignment + Strategic Clarity
  • OKR Identification + Implementation Depth
  • Product Roadmap
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Agility/Change


  • Organization + People Strategy
  • Values Based Culture
  • DEIB

This episode is steeped with practical and visionary actions that will bolster any immobile leadership team.



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