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Collectively humans are experiencing dynamic transformations in all areas of life. Everyone is living with extreme amounts of stress and grief. It’s a lot to take in and it’s a lot to process. Individuals, communities, companies are in the midst of learning how to best support and care for one another. 

In this episode, we discuss what is the current state of affairs and how it affects individuals in their daily and work lives. They name, based on recent research, that the next wave of COVID centers on mental health issues. They acknowledge that it’s OKAY to not be OKAY.

Organizations and organizational leaders are grappling with how best to support and care for employees in the midst of remote and hybrid working environments. Christine and Wendy offer solutions on how companies can take responsibility and action to help their people. Individuals, too, can take steps towards their own self care. It all starts with empathy and compassion for our experiences as human beings.

At Intune Collective, we see you. We hold space for you. We honor your needs and growth. As an offering we recommend listening to our Intune library of meditations. Also, here are some resources to share and use to support and manage your own mental health and those of your loved ones and colleagues.

Need ideas for impactful self-care? Check out The New Leadership Formula for Success: Self-Care on Intune Collective.


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