EP 9: 5 Essential Elements For Building Today’s Dream Team


When you hear the phrase Dream Team what comes to mind? Do you feel it’s possible to build a dream team? Christine and Wendy KNOW it’s possible and they have a party of elements that will help you and your company to practice and build a dream team.

In this episode of The Business of Being Human, Christine and Wendy define what is a Dream Team and why these teams matter. They share how adopting the 5 key elements of a Dream Team strengthens the culture, relationships, vitality and productivity of your company.

These are: 

    • Connection
    • Communication
    • Consensus
    • Collaboration
    • Cohesion

Christine and Wendy define each element with concrete storytelling. This episode helps create expansion for you and your teams, allowing you to not only dream, but also how to make your dream a reality. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can receive support as you build your Dream Team, go to intunecollective.com.  You can follow Intune Collective at @intunecollectivesf on Instagram, @intunecollective on Facebook and @intunesf on Twitter.


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