EP 8: Beyond Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a practice that has entered into our daily lexicon. It’s more than a trend. It’s more than self-care. How do mindfulness practices affect the ecosystem of an individual and an organization?

In this episode of The Business of Being Human, Christine and Wendy share their personal experience with mindfulness and how adapting mindful awareness created a ripple effect in their daily lives, personal relationships and work performance.

Christine and Wendy view mindfulness as a powerful tool that creates clarity, builds a resource of flexibility, a bird’s eye view of empathy and recognizing human behavior, and confidence to make challenging decisions.  

They define what mindfulness is. They offer 3 core but basic tools of mindfulness and insight on how you can apply it to your life, work and relationships. Finally, they embody this practice and invite you to participate in mindfulness during this episode’s Micro-Practice.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can apply mindfulness to your life, work and relationships, Christine and Wendy encourage you to go to the Get Intune page at intunecollective.com You can learn more about Intune Collective and the services they offer at intunecollective.com. You can follow Intune Collective at @intunecollectivesf on Instagram, @intunecollective on Facebook and @intunesf on Twitter.


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Step 2: Putting Awareness into Action

Step 2: Putting Awareness into Action

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