Human Consciousness- The Secret to Our Future with Christine Hildebrand


Today’s Intune Collective Salon discussion is the second in a series of discussions spotlighting how spirituality and consciousness in a leader and company’s culture can create a seismic shift in developing organization potential and capacities.

In this episode, Christine sits down with Elizabeth Joy Windom, the Creative Director of Windhaven Productions to discuss what role consciousness plays in business. Christine defines the development of our individual awareness and consciousness as your practice of spirituality. Christine and Elizabeth discuss moving beyond triggers around historical or typical definitions of spirituality to be open to the journey of developing your own inner knowing and awareness.

Christine offers some insights on how you can begin to cultivate your awareness and integrate it into your personal or professional life. There is power in using your awareness to be a self-regulated and resourced human who sees truth, can empower others, build teams and companies to their fullest potential.

Finally, Christine leads us through a breathing micro-practice that you can begin to quiet the mind and build a connection to your presence and awareness.

If you are interested in finding ways your company can foster greater consciousness into your company’s leadership and culture, go to intunecollective.com. You can learn more about Intune Collective and the services they offer. You can follow Intune Collective at @intunecollectivesf on Instagram, @intunecollective on Facebook and @intunesf on Twitter.


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