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The Business of Being Human podcast discussion is all about the CEO. What current challenges they are facing and how they can lead in a manner that empowers people.


In this episode, we speak with Scott Johnson, the CEO of Motivosity. Scott is a founder and technology entrepreneur, for the last three decades has founded two companies. Launched in 2013, Motivosity is a software platform that helps employees be happier at work through tools that generate gratitude and connectivity. 

Scott shares his own journey as a CEO and investor. He highlights the tension CEO’s often face while managing a board and investors while leading a management team, managing the people side of the operation while maintaining focus on strategic priorities and productivity. They discuss how to cultivate a company culture that is built on purpose-driven, human centric tactics over fear-based practices to accomplish business goals.

They discuss current challenges CEOs are facing as they address the new demands of the  ‘people side’ of business and how gratitude plays a major role in team building. They highlight how investing in your people through coaching and skill building versus getting rid of people cultivates a deeper level of accountability and leadership. They detail the new critical partnership between the CEO and the CHRO as core practice for retention, culture building, employee morale, and overall business success.

Being a CEO today requires courage, trust, and faith in your people and your mission. This episode is seeped with practical and visionary actions that will encourage and inspire CEOs to get clear on their vision, invest in their people, and take more leadership in creating more happiness and fulfillment at work.

For CEOs who are dealing with people dynamics on their team or teams that are not operating to full potential, Intune facilitates Intune Ignite Experiences that help bring alignment, establish new focus, and energizes new commitment levels to the work at hand. 

To learn more about Scott’s work at Motivosity go to motivosity.com. You can connect with Scott on LinkedIn. Check out this article about the ripple effect of Extreme Appreciation.


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