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The Business of Being Human podcast discusses Corporate Racial Equity and what role Companies and Employers play in creating Racial Equity within company culture.

In this episode, we speak with Nikki Lanier, JD of Harper Slade. Nikki Lanier is the CEO of Harper Slade, a racial equity advisory firm focused on helping organizations advance equity for some and equality for all. An experienced leader with over 25 years of career achievements that span Banking, Labor and Employment Law, Collective Bargaining, Human Resources, and State Government. A Private and Public Sector CHRO adept in a multitude of HR disciplines, Nikki is experienced in managing multi-site operations, ensuring compliance with all federal and state employment laws and employing comprehensive approaches that effectively align human capital priorities with the overall organizational strategy. 

They define Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Racial Equity. They expand these definitions within the context of the growing data that suggest by maintaining gaps in equity between race and gender that businesses and our US economy are losing productivity and economic growth. 

Nikki centers on how business can begin to create racial equity through her metaphor of The Garden and identify what roles employers and companies should play in creating equity. They discuss current limitations in DEIB work and how structural inequity plays a role. They talk about how companies can cultivate employee engagement through racial equity during this changing hybrid era of work. 

This episode is steeped with so many clear and concise ideas on how you can begin to make the necessary changes for your company to cultivate a garden of racial equity and, in the long term, create cultures where top talent will want to work in addition to spurring economic growth for your company and bottom line.

The waitlists for DEIB consultants worldwide right now are testament to how important and urgent this work is. If you’re ready to strengthen (or start) your commitment to DEIB work, send a message to Wendy Horng Brawer, Head of Innovation, today.

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To learn more about the research and data showing the projected demographic changes in the American workforce and the need for racial equity for economic growth, please read the articles below:

To find out more about Nikki’s work at Harper Slade, please check out Harper Slade’s website. There you will find out more about Harper Slade at 12 – Webcast, Racial Equity Index, The Garden Program, and upcoming events Harper Slade is hosting. You can follow Harper Slade @HarperSladeRacialEquity on Facebook and @harpersladellc on Instagram.




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