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Today’s The Business of Being Human Salon discusses the importance of authentic human connection for building team cohesion whether it is online or offline, and what tools Jenny Sauer-Klein has found to do just that.

In this episode Wendy sits down with Jenny Sauer-Klein to discuss her transition from in-person Culture Conferences to the remote team building resources with Scaling Intimacy. Jenny Sauer-Klein is passionate about designing transformational experiences that prioritize connection over content, and regularly consults for organizations like Google, Airbnb, Dropbox and the Haas School of Business. She is the founder and CEO of the Scaling Intimacy School of Experience Design, which trains event leaders to strategically weave connection into the fabric of their events. She created Play On Purpose, a video tutorial library with over 80 of her best virtual and in-person team building games, to support facilitators to confidently engage and connect groups and teams.

During this pandemic, Jenny has pivoted and learned to train others how to maximize virtual platforms for connection and engagement. Whether it be in-person or online, she outlines how play is a tool that can help a team handle stressful situations in the future. Jenny imparts that team building can be as simple as consistently asking one question in the weekly stand up meeting. All that is required is a little bit of space for authentic human connection for a difference to be seen in the team. 

This conversation will help you reimagine how your team can show up in-person and online, engaging with work as three dimensional humans.

To learn more about Jenny Sauer-Klein, go to her website. You can follow her on LinkedIn. To learn more about Scaling Intimacy please go here. To access the video tutorial library with over 80 of Jenny’s best virtual and in-person team building games check out, Play On Purpose.

To learn more about Intune Collective and the services they offer, go to intunecollective.com or email us at ignite@intunecollective.com

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