EP 12: From Insights to Offsites: Company Retreats Reinvented


Too often, we think of company retreats as big deals in terms of time, coordination, and effort. What could be possible if we could participate in company retreats that have been reinvented and produced in ways that allow teams to develop clarity, alignment, relationships, and cohesion with ease? If you’re curious and what this might look like, tune in to this episode and listen in.

In this episode of The Business of Being Human, Christine and Wendy offer insights on why company retreats are important in strengthening your team’s connection, refocusing on purpose, and strategizing for the coming year. 

Christine and Wendy invite you to re-envision what you see as the potential of your teams by reimagining your company retreat. They walk through the characteristics of what Intune brings to retreats they create for clients:

  • Safety
  • Playfulness
  • Relationship building
  • Recognition of the Positive
  • Entity Visioning – intuitive imagining what’s possible
  • Graphic Recording
  • And more

Wendy and Christine offer a small taste of what your team could experience with this episode’s Micropractice. If you are interested in learning more about Intune Collective’s Company Retreat services go to intunecollective.com.


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