EP 11: The Four Components of Organizational Intelligence


When you hear the term “intelligence” in business, these days it’s often associated with A.I. – artificial intelligence. The reality is that human beings are composed of many different intelligences. Is your organization supporting these intelligences?

In this episode of The Business of Being Human, Christine and Wendy define four important human intelligences that create a wholly empowered and productive organization. Our hosts share how they arrived at identifying these four intelligences and why most organizations focus on 2 out of the 4 intelligences.

They define the four intelligences as:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Relational Intelligence
  • Functional Intelligence
  • Analytical Intelligence

Hear how all four intelligences combine to create a flourishing ecosystem for employees. You do not want to miss the centering Micropractice Wendy leads us through. She guides listeners on ways to integrate these intelligences consciously and somatically.

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