EP 10: Power Skills for Leaders in a New World of Work


Over the past year, we have seen a profound change in the “world” of work. How can leaders be effective in the midst of dynamic change? In this episode, we’ll review the three main skills – Power Skills- needed to build cohesive teams and lead with joy and confidence.

In this episode of The Business of Being Human, Christine and Wendy introduce and discuss three key power skills that leaders and their companies will benefit from in this new world of work. At the center of each of these skills is the belief that, a new type of leader that inspires and leads their people by engaging their whole being, blending their analytical minds and their energetic heart. 

Christine and Wendy address why power skills are so important. Leadership teams are navigating different issues which require grounding, human connection, perspective and safety. Learning and adapting to the  power skills of

  1. Self-Awareness / Sensing
  2. Holding the North Star – Organizational Identity Transformation
  3. Human Connection

will address these leadership team issues. Through defining and storytelling, Christine and Wendy launch you into the journey of exploring how these skills will help your organization.

To deep dive further into the powers skills, we recommend you download Intune Collective’s Power Skills for Leaders in a New Era E-book here.

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Episode 5 – Brand Energy- The Power of Purpose to learn more about Holding the North Star.
Episode 9- 5 Essential Elements For Building Today’s Dream Team on ways you can foster Human Connection in your organization.


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