Welcome to the Intune Collective Salon with Christine Hildebrand and Wendy Horng Brawer. The purpose of this and many more Intune salon discussions is to bring industry leaders and trailblazers who are leading and operating businesses in innovative ways, pushing boundaries, and changing the rules of engagement in today’s business world.

In this episode, Christine and Wendy interview Dee Olomajeye, who is Head of People at Senti Bio. Dee leads all facets of People Operations & Culture Strategy at Senti including Talent Management, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations, Learning, Organizational Development & Employee Experience, Leadership Development and more. She has been working in the Human Resources field for over 20 years. She has seen and experienced the importance of HR and where the function and service of HR in an organization has opportunities to grow. 

Dee shares how she tends the “Soul of The Company” by offering practical and visionary opportunities for Senti Bio leaders and employees to be seen, heard, and invited to shape priorities, direction, and the culture of the company.  Dee details how the metrics of success are employee retention (in the highly competitive biotech space), productivity and happiness. Dee’s industry-disrupting model for HR invites C-Suite teams to join the movement where they function with a people-centric approach to generate bottom line results. 

It was such an engaging conversation and are grateful for Dee being our first guest. We must leave you with Dee Olomajeye quoting her mother, “If you want to plant a seed, you have to wet the soil first.” 

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