Executive Coaching for Transformational Leaders & Teams

Leaders today must fundamentally reinvent organization and business models on the fly. This requires resilience and a willingness to evolve in real-time in order to excel in complexity and capture opportunities.

WE build organizations by growing your leaders & teams

Our approach to coaching is to activate the health and capacity of individual leaders, teams, and the culture simultaneously. This has a dramatic and sustainable effect on your entire organization and creates lasting growth and results.

Collective Coaching is TEAM Coaching

Collective Coaching is our case management style approach that identifies and addresses individual and team limitations and opportunities. We support leaders with skills and capacities necessary to lead while building team health, fluency, performance, and purpose.

Coaching Solutions

Our coaching solutions include practical learning with coaching to address critical business challenges facing the organization.


We coach leaders with tools & roadmaps to support growth

  • Private 1:1 sessions
  • Identify clear personal
    & professional goals
  • Align leadership style to personality
  • Develop innate wisdom, trust & confidence
  • Create new leadership skills


Build team awareness & cohesion to excel your organization

  • Clarify team purpose
    & intent
  • Develop practices for alignment & decision making
  • Build team empathy
    & compassion
  • Co-create & innovate vision and goals


Have an urgent issue? Immediate coaching for quick solutions!

  • Decision making protocols
  • Align top priorities
  • Perspective & clarity
  • Space for reflection
    & integration
  • Accountability towards action


Multi-industry, peer-to-peer learning is valuable at any level

  • Curated small groups
  • Confidential & safe
  • Customized content
    & masterclasses
  • Grow your network & trusted leaders
  • Workshop emerging issues


CEOs work to generate profits and return value to shareholders, but the best-run companies do more. They put the customer first and invest in their employees and communities. In the end, it’s the most promising way to build long-term value.



Intune brings Strategy to Life in People and Brands. They helped our Leadership Team find common purpose, get focused on key initiatives, and create a brand distinction to launch our company growth and success.

– Halim Dunsky, CEO Agile Panache

As a CEO, Intune has been a critical contributor to our success. From business strategy to team building, communication to marketing materials, they have touched every aspect of our business. Our investment has paid off 100X. We continue to go back for more!

– Michael Minson, Partner/Founder, Keller Williams, The Level Up Group

Intune launched our business foundation from brand anchors to our revenue generating strategies from our first clinic to our now 150+ locations nationwide. Christine and her team have the vision to help you capture potential, now and into the future.

– Si France, MD, Founder GoHealth Urgent Care

Intune understands human and team dynamics. They quickly identified our areas of weakness and identified new strategies, team functions, and workflow processes that improved our division’s performance across the board.

– Lori Leiva, VP, Pacific Gas & Electric

Intune visioned the potential of our company, even when we couldn't believe it or think it was possible. They led a collaborative process to unify our team and focus the entire company toward unprecedented results. We doubled our size, achieved 114% growth in under 2 years, and executed a successful acquisition.

– Sheri Mowbray, Founder/CFO, MoGo Interactive


5 Key Elements to Help Build A Dream Team

5 Key Elements to Help Build A Dream Team

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