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A company’s spirit and how that is expressed for the common good is what centers a business to not only survive but thrive. The technological revolution has been the golden ring businesses have been trying to grasp. With that focus, a shift away from the human genius has formed. Since Covid, however, companies have realized that it’s not electrical receptors that advance us, but rather the human connection that builds a company’s true success. So where does humanity fit in to keep pace with technology? We have only one place to go and that is to develop ourselves in our innate human capacities.

In this episode, Christine welcomes Brian G. Bachand, Founder of Evolution Evolution, to discuss whether spirituality has a role in business. Christine and Brian discuss what spirituality is and distinguish how it is NOT a religion. Brian and Christine both detail how spirituality’s role within their personal and work lives and how spirituality has accelerated their capacity to bring their business visions into reality.

Now Christine and Brian are both aware there may be some resistance towards integrating spirituality into business. They name those resistances. They also share how you might jump-start developing your spirituality by understanding your intuition. They share personal stories on how leaning into their intuition affects work and productivity.

Finally, Brian leads us through a breathing micro-practice that you can begin to utilize.

To learn more about Brian G. Bachand and his work, go to EvolutionEvolution.com and connect with him on LinkedIn.


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