5 Things Businesses Need Most in COVID-19 Times

After weeks of shelter in place, most states are relaxing restrictions and proceeding with phased re-opening. The next challenge for most businesses is how to re-open ensuring safety for customers and employees while staying connected and relevant to your customers and stakeholders.

The terms “return to normal” and “new normal” are on high circulation. We think that these terms are somewhat inaccurate (or overly optimistic?), because we’re likely in for an unpredictable and long-lasting period of change due to cyclical outbreaks until vaccines and treatments are found. These changes will affect not only the economy, but also our social interactions, values and behaviors. In this volatile time, businesses must be nimble and ready to pivot. Even in the short-term, new opportunities will arise, and  to successfully engage, businesses and leaders will want to focus on:

1) Clarifying the intent/purpose of your business.
In order to prioritize strategies and investments and make grounded decisions, businesses will need to stay true to who and what they are and what the value they are creating.

2) Understand the new relevancy to your customers.
Relationships matter and so does value creation. By knowing the pivot considerations of your customers, businesses can better create relevance for these relationships that matter most.

3) Learn new important factors to Employee safety, belonging, and wellness.
Recently, Twitter and Coinbase both decided on permanent remote working opportunities for their employees. How will they—and you—create safe, inclusive and rewarding work environments that meet the fullest range of needs of your employees.

4) Have a clear business continuity plan on the ready.
Whether you are responding to this cycle of crisis management or a future one, creating and practicing a business continuity plan will be critical to the sustainability of your business.

5) Building and strengthening capability and agility in your organizations. What strengths can you leverage? What capacities in your people and technology do you want to build? What systems will you need to support this? What do you need to let go of?

If you and your team are ready to build new capacities, or need support to capture new opportunities, our 90-Day Action Plan can support you with:

– A plan to align strategy and operations connected to the essence of your business
– Improve team collaboration aligned with shared purpose and goals
– Clear communication plan with focus on internal culture and relevance to customers and stakeholders
– Renewed connection to employees, customers and stakeholders with key messages and plans to strengthen relevance and relationships
– Coaching and guidance to build internal capacity, expand fluency, behaviors and practices

We are here to help, let’s have a conversation.