7 Signs your team might need a leadership retreat

It’s easy to put off a leadership retreat when most retreats you attend or hear about either:

  1. Don’t seem to have any real business impact
  2. Feel like an expensive company-wide party
  3. Place a heavy strain on resources to plan and pull off successfully

Which means it’s critical to understand when a leadership retreat is the highest ROI tool in your company belt.


When Do You Know A Retreat Is The Answer? 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that deciding to host a retreat is based on your team’s ‘health’.

After decades of leading and learning in innovative teams, these are the 7 symptoms we’ve identified to signal it’s time for a leadership retreat:

  1. Lack of trust
  2. Avoidance of constructive confrontation and resolution
  3. Cliques and triangulation
  4. Not holding under-performers accountable
  5. Competition instead of collaboration
  6. Toxic team members
  7. Lack of In-person connections, virtual only meetings

In list form it’s easy to see how these can quickly snowball out of control (and impede mission-critical work), yet leaders often become aware of them long after team members do.


How A Leadership Retreat Can Help

If you’re starting to notice one or more signs your team could benefit from a leadership retreat, there are 5 key steps to ensure your retreat is a success for your team… and your bottom line. Download our free 7-page guide to design your retreat:


A Manager’s Guide for Planning an Effective Leadership Team Development Retreat